White iPad Mini LTE Unboxing

http://techsloth.com White iPad Mini LTE Unboxing This time we are unboxing a new Apple iPad Mini LTE version. It is the white silver version with 32GB of me…

[youtube 0AO0j7J7Lso]

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комментариев 6

  1. techsloth:

    iPad Mini!

  2. jasmiebcb:

    iPod touch or ipad mini ?

  3. DJ foley:

    0:6 OF COURSE LOL!?!?!?!?!

  4. Franz Oraga:

    Technikfaultier ??????

  5. techsloth:

    I would again take the white version, because of fingerprints and scratches.

  6. techsloth:

    I personally would get the iPad Mini. But if you want to do anything like graphic designing I would go with one of the normal size Retina iPads, 3rd or 4th generation.