Apple Sept 2009 Music Event Keynote — iPod Nano 5G introduction

The fifth generation iPod Nano, with for the first time a built-in videocamera, introduced by Steve Jobs at a Special Music Event («It’s only Rock ‘n Roll, b…

[youtube kmU5Kvn_3y4]

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  1. green10413:

    They ruined the iPod nano with the 6th generation one.. Now everyone has an iphone or an iPod touch.. You rarely see anyone with an iPod nano nowadays.. Even the iPod touch is becoming more rare.. Smartphones are taking over the world.. RIP iPods.

  2. green10413:

    This is back when they actually cared about the iPods.. They took 8 minutes of the keynote time only on the iPod nano, where as today they take 10 minutes for all of the iPods.. RIP Steve Jobs.. You’re well missed.

  3. Barack Obama:

    wow you look pretty fail in this comment, rest in peace english.

  4. lalosoria:

    I can’t believe they removed so much nice features in the 6G… Who cares about a touch screen for iPod nano? Isn’t that what the iPod Touch and iPhone are for

  5. bocajbee:

    Godammit apple, why don’t you give the new nanos these colors?

  6. Moises Sequera:

    I love you stev Jobs, Thanks For Changing my life, every device you made makes me remember you, the ipod the iphone, the macbook, R.I.P Boss, your the better example to follow. i love all your devices.

  7. 太郎 田中:


  8. TheAQU4M4N:

    wow he looks pretty frail in this video, still a genius though Rest In Piece.

  9. MetallicBill:

    I had to invest another $8 on eBay for a click wheel, but I got mine up and running again, use a free video transcoder, it’s Internet Video Converter, marvelous tool, along with Real Networks player that allows video stream saving, that only works on IE I believe, since I don’t see it using Google’s browser

  10. Kuikli2:

    why? some people prefer to have dedicated devices for a task, y rather have an ipod than bring my macbook with me just to listen music.

  11. Kuikli2:

    Yeah, is have a nano 3g (that i left in my pants and put it on the laundry D: ) and to put video on it is madness, not even in the perfect resolution, there will be a part missing, but the video do looks good and crisp on that screen. i gonna buy a nano 5g now that they are freaking cheap, is featured with everything, the ipod classic will die soon, sadly.

  12. derekrct3:

    First iPod ever

  13. MetallicBill:

    Even successive iPods pale next to the 5th, so I take the 5th, if you pardon the pun. Why they dropped the camera in version 7, for example? I dunno, but I like it a lot, the built in speaker is not too good, but it’s better then nothing. The bass pops in once you plug headphones back up! Having the video out is really nice, getting video TO your Nano has not worked too well for me other then using Videora for FLV saved YouTube stuff, and conversion

  14. iLiveExtreme:

    This is the new apple

  15. puggy605:

    My favorite iPod of all time next to the new iPod touches 5

  16. phu pham hoang:


  17. Daskeladden1:

    most unnecessary product ever

  18. Omar Hassan:

    I have it

  19. tazojla:

    at 6:21 he is wearing the ipod nano 6g on his wrist like a watch before it was even released !

  20. Reza Aditya:

    he looks so skinny :»(

  21. miloesalazar:

    this nano looks way better and more modern

    instead of that new nano with pussy looking colors