How To Tether Your Camera To An Ipad Without Jailbreaking

All you need is this card Last year I released a video explaining how to wirelessly tether your camera to an iPad by jailbreaking t…

[youtube 3BrxFrYjZm8]

ipad 5

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  1. Joel Mundy:

    Uhhh… trying capturing RAW + JPEG with the RAW going onto a fast CF. Even a year ago, if you’re shooting your large files onto and SD card what gear are you really using?

  2. tritoobe:

    what app do I need to have in order to see the pictures transferred from the Eye-Fi?

  3. Austin Cristofaro:

    can’t wait to do this with my d7000. raw to slot 1 and jpeg to slot 2 with the eye-fi card is going to be handy!

  4. Saawko:

    Does this fw update works with SanDisk Eye-Fi SDHC Card? this:

  5. Sam Bell:

    Does this work for video so you can watch what the Filmer is filming at a distance

  6. Billy Mangino:

    I’m looking to do this setup in my studio, whats the deal with file types. Is the iPad able to receive and display RAW (.cr2) files like shown in the video?

  7. QuakeFX:

    So if I understand correctly, you don’t need a router? You can use a D3200 and iPad to shoot where ever you are without needing any other hardware? (except for the Eye-Fi of course)

  8. natamalie:

    If for example I was using the wedding booth app — would I be able to use my slr to take photos and they be put into that app? Or is that just crazy talk?

  9. Majdi Al-Naser:

    Hello there,

    My iPad is running on IOS 5.1.1, and I follow your full steps but on connecting to wireless network my ipad is won’t connect. Plz help.

  10. Jack Long:

    Also make sure you are not in range of you wireless router

  11. Jack Long:

    You have to have the card in the computer and hit the start direct mode network. Then have you device find it and once it has put the card into your camera

  12. zionlaw:

    Need some help please…

    Followed the instructions on the video, but my iPad isn’t finding the Eye-Fi network when the card is in the camera (Nikon 5100). Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  13. Savagetechdude:

    Is there a way to do this with android?