Top 10 Must Have Cydia Tweaks Of 2012 (April)

Howdy, Folks Today I Got The Top 10 Cydia Tweaks That You should Have On Your iOS 5 Devices. If You Like Any Of These Tweaks Just Makes Sure To Comment, Rate…

[youtube MoTF2WOAcNw]

ipod 5

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  1. RedstoneDimond:

    I need your help, check out my channel and help me get cydia, I already jailbroke with Redsn0w.

  2. omnimon64:

    I thought installous didnt exist anymore. I tried looking for it everywhere i couldnt find it. im using ios 4.2.1 btw :/

  3. Amir Aswari:

    The best is barrel iap cracker installouss and ifile

  4. CrackedIDevicePro:

    Who do u get 2 docks

  5. Med Achahbar:

    weather ico : 73° Oh my God !

  6. alonso garcia:

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  7. Jesse Puno:

    1.Go to Featurepoints(dot)com on any Android or iDevice
    2.Upon registration use the referal code as: 4T6RU3
    3. Enjoy!

  8. nabil daifallah:

    how did u make this font !?!??
    pls replay

  9. Can-Luca chiller:

    What is the Name of this Font ???

  10. Mt. Derr:

    yes because if someone tries to steal your ipod and pulls the headphones out the music wouldnt stop

  11. plontulublalulu:

    Guys, I found a working screen recorder emulator! Just go to the link and install!
    bit . ly/17Dk7L0
    Remove the spaces before and after the dot.

  12. Рослан Личков:

    how do these letters ?

  13. adedade1:

    search for a tutorial

  14. MantisssssssMan:

    You know how android has the swipe feature? For typing? Is there a tweak for that? i really want it!!!!

  15. Allan melendez:

    I saw on another vid(I don’t think it was urs ) and there was a tweak where if u held on the camera button on the lockscreen mini toggles would come. Stuff like airplane mode and torch and all that. I was wondering if u knew what it was called.

  16. 1awesome180:

    What anotation?