AT&T TV Commercial — It’s Not Complicated «Grandma»

iPhone 5 downloads fastest on AT&T 4G. As explained by kids, faster is better. It’s Not Complicated. AT&T. Rethink Possible.

[youtube H3R-rtWPyJY]

iphone 6

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комментария 23

  1. s2dahizan:

    The black girl on imitating his grandma after he said I bet she would like it if she was fast XD

  2. jamie franco:

    Your current phone for the new iphone commercial…I seen the new one last night…if true ploease email me details…thanks guys and girls…appreciate it…

  3. jamie franco:

    They had another commercial out that states to…or you can bring in your current phone and upgrade to the iphone 5…IS THIS TRUE! I need it!!! lol

  4. ranelproductions:

    That kid has no idea of the double meaning he let on to us adults.

  5. deadmantable:

    I was lying on the floor laughing so hard when I saw this video.

  6. deadmantable:

    Guy: And whats slow?
    Boy: My Grandma’s slow.
    Guy: Would you like it better if she was faster?
    Boy: I think she would like it if she was fast.

  7. sonofanutjob .:

    Soon before you know it, they’ll have 5G LTE.

  8. COMANE33:

    I love that kid…lol

  9. Jill Winters:

    Beck Bennett, why.

  10. lovemiley221:

    lol…i love this commercial

  11. BrianaLea418:

    Haha towards the end you can hear some of the older people in the background laughing…

  12. avengersfreak:

    I love these commercials so much it’s not even funny!! xD

  13. TecmoBO34:

    very cool!!! I will for sure!

  14. rappadapp:

    I loved the girl mocking the other kid’s grandma running in slow motion xD

  15. Andrea Christina:

    It was so much fun shooting this commercial! It might get re-aired again so look out for it 😀

  16. beeanca13:

    Yes she is thank you! She is going to be on America’s Got Talent this season so look out for her!

  17. Andrea Christina:

    Thank you, you noticed haha! That was me (:

  18. Andrea Christina:

    Hahaha I am mixed too! I’m not Indian, but everyone thinks I am lol 😛

  19. Andrea Christina:

    This commercial was so much fun to shoot! Beck was the best to work with! Had the greatest time with the other kids 😀

  20. MrsReptileAddict:

    This is my fav one! I love it!

  21. JIWC:

    he looks like the kid in 2 and a half men

  22. Ant1able:

    Seems like that boy got a signal not to look at the camera ..hahaha

  23. HIddinspartan:

    grandma where is my supersuit