iPad Mini specifications and information!

Hope you found this video helpful! Leave some feedback in the comments below! Apple iPad mini: http://www.apple.com/ipad-mini/overview/ Video from The Verge:…

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ipad mini

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  1. filmaker102:

    Whats the point of an ipad MINI?!? Its so stupid you have the ipad already, there just copying kindle, steve jobs wouldnt approve

  2. Gt Ken:

    ok, thanks alot! cheers!

  3. iDeviceTube:

    Im not really sure if i was you i would ask to speak to the manager thats on duty. or order the iPad mini online

  4. Gt Ken:

    how will i know? people here in saudi doesnt know anything, i ask the sales man if there is a cellular version they said no! pls help me!

  5. iDeviceTube:

    No to you cellular you have to buy the cellular version