4 Best Cydia Lockscreens for iPhone 5 & iPod Touch 5G (iOS 6) — Ep.1

Thanks for watching my favorite 4 Cydia lockscreens for iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5G. Here are some installation informations: You MUST install a Cydia tweak c…

[youtube F2x_xHruOw4]

ipod 5

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  1. Tyow:

    Not sure if trolling… lol Your grammar. I think he is a dumb ass

  2. Alterizee:

    Hey can someone please help ? I bought an iPhone 5 from tmobile and it came with 6.1.4 is there any way to downgrade to a jailbreakable version ??

  3. KelliEilers183:

     obtenir gratuitement ici:

  4. SuperDelusionist:

    @ 1:53 my head exploded . . . >.<

  5. Aldoswag:

    Carla v

  6. Roham Gorgani:

    what theme is that? in the beginning of the video

  7. Tony Stark:

    I want*

  8. Tony Stark:

    I wang really badly but it dont work.

  9. DaveDunphy:

    Where Can i get the blue wallpaper for LS inme?

  10. DaveDunphy:

    Where Can i get the wallpaper fr.o.m.

  11. almogo101:

    can anyone give me the source for slide to unlock killer plaese?

  12. manrelve:

    You r very pal

  13. Puffu Laurentiu:

    i need me too this…