Apple iPhone 5 Unboxing (White iPhone 5 Unboxing) [Launch Day Unboxing]

This is my iPhone 5 Unboxing of the white version. Subscribe for my iPhone 5 GIVEAWAY — This is a white iPhone 5 unboxing. As most of yo…

[youtube NT_Zq-CFJuY]

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комментарий 21

  1. TheCrapApp:

    how awsome would it be if tey made the next iphone with a lit up applelogo on the back like a mac book pro?

  2. Ally Cryer:

    Wish i had money to buy a iphone:(

  3. Terrence McGaughey:

    Mine is coming in tommorow. I’m pumped

  4. callofbeys:

    I have a 5

  5. Aveon Howard:

    i have an iphone 4 but i want a 5 🙁

  6. magicmademusic206:

    Why not??

  7. ninjaassassin9897:

    I don’t want this (I’m serious) but I subscribed anyway

  8. ninjaassassin9897:

    Getting 2maro! So excited

  9. Itsallawesome:

    The white one looks so sexy with iOS 7!

  10. shahnawaz khan:

    Iphone white five I need it i’M ENTERED in the give away… Iphone 5

  11. marianaher41:

    nise i got now

  12. officialTMBMUSIC:

    the white one will look way better with iOS7

  13. RamiTechHelp:

    i have the black iphone 5 and i have no scratches or scuffs (yet) the white looks cool but i like the black more becouse of the sleak look.

  14. Michael Tedesco:


  15. Michael Tedesco:

    i got the whote one yesterday

  16. Diana Jennings:

    There will be no new iPhone released this year of 2013

  17. Kathy Joy:

    i can’t wait i’m getting mine in 36 days 😀


    Nothing at wwdc about iPhone 5s

  19. Lizet Rodriguez:

    hell no thts nex summer n 5s is coming out ethier this month o october

  20. ramoh2003:

    is the iphone6 coming out next month plus nice unboxing 😛 😛

  21. nathan624nf:

    I’m getting one in 1 month the iPhone 5. 🙂