iPhone Controlled Video Lights — Rotolight ANOVA, WiFi Studio light!

Claimed as «the World’s Most Advanced LED Floodlight» the Anova from Rotologht is the very big brother of the rotolight interview kit I reviewed here; http:/…

[youtube IhqhMZy9PMs]

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  1. abdou1995:


  2. Alex Barlow:

    Note to self. Don’t let blunty in a dark room with only a camera and one rotolight with nothing else to do.

  3. Rabi Hr:

    u’re my technology prof …. i lovve u ♥

  4. Charrasca:

    Fucking amazing.

  5. Phearo Guille:

    I honestly did not understand much of what that guy was saying about Rotolight, but he’s science-y mumbo jumbo and his salesman job proficiency of level 99, I do believe he was praising it.

    Captain obvious, away!

    In all seriousness that looks pretty awesome, and if I ever wanted to do something that relates to this, I’ll look this up immediately.

  6. Rotolight:

    The MagicEye app will be available on the Apple App store from next week! A must have!!

  7. You Put What In My Mouth ?:

    WOW, amazing tech. good for them and us !

  8. Rotolight:

    For more info on the ANOVA please visit our website !! Rotolight(.)com

  9. Jardine Patten:

    This is awesome. Wish I had the money to get two of these, would be extremely useful.

  10. luni003:

    you shore told him haha

  11. Jared Yan:

    Awesome piece of equipment, I wish I had a need for it. And room on my credit card.

  12. stoph2:

    God hair-splitting much? Zero latency in any form is physically impossible. I mean, there’s latency between the image appearing on screen and the light reaching your eyes but it appears to be instant. Mug.

  13. truetype80:

    hes a good salesman

  14. NobleReclaimer:


  15. Harrison Houde:

    Amazing. Piece of lighting.

  16. itznickf:

    that is fucking awesome!!

  17. KiddsockTV:

    That is the 2nd video today that referenced scatman. lol too funny!

  18. Rulerofwax24:

    Well no, I was thinking the exact same thing when I watched the video. I think as a gamer, latency becomes a huge aspect of it, and a little effective latency to a lot of people is really very high to gamers. Although in practice, it PROBABLY won’t make much of a difference, I do think I noticed some latency going on.

  19. Inuyasha Ilham:

    why dont «astro» use this…

  20. NathanStreet:

    I gotta say that I don’t really know much about cameras or even proper lighting for that matter and even I find that lighting system to be pretty nifty. Now if only they could come up with a common house hold lighting system that is just a pretty. LOL

  21. Conlexio:


  22. MrZ1TA:

    6:38 SCATMAN ! ! ! !

    ah Blunty i love your videos 😀