INTUA BeatMaker 2 — Official demo

Presentation of our new product: BeatMaker 2, available for Apple iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad. APP STORE LINK:…

[youtube gBeSjsbVW18]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. TheGorePlay:

    android please *-*

  2. slick back:

    I had an android phone and i used MPA that thing sucks big time compared to this!! I’m fully shocked at how much you can do with this app.

  3. elroythewonderboy:


  4. dury emazikin:

    New Virtual Dj Tutorial:

  5. Joey Stratton:

    message me if you want the best Beatmaker 2 kits.

  6. valler levis:

    Wanna add your own samples No biggie: Dr Drum makes it drag-and-drop simple to import your own custom sounds to use with your beats Everything you’ll need to know is right here MUSICMAKER.NETNE.NET

  7. Mariciuc Marius:

    where i can find it for pc!?!?! if this not maybe antoher version !! pls HELP.! TY!!!

  8. Rahman Mulyadi:

    Hi! thanks for this useful video. By the way, I notice a lot of people keep on talking about beat making software called Kinoteron Beat Turbo (google it), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you tried using Kinoteron Beat Turbo? I have heard many unbelivable things about it and my friend finally can create his dream beats in no time using it, but he refuses to tell me: (

  9. Hussein Ali:

    If you want to make your own kit where do you then get the sounds from, example- A milli sound?

  10. skorponok27:

    Please help. I heard you can import songs from iTunes. How do you do tht

  11. xWenDELL xBETTON:

    Btw, I only hav iPhone5… It just amazes me! Of course, I’d love to have the iPad, but it seems pretty AMAZING to be able to do all this on my iPhone!

  12. xWenDELL xBETTON:

    I have the app. LOVE IT! I want to say more, but I just want to say I LOVE THIS SONG! It’s very expressive and there’s lot’s of room to improvise over it (voice, or instrument). PLUS!¡!¡ It’s in the demo folder of this app. After 2 weeks of studying the manual (google it, then download it), I spent 2-hours on a 2-minute song last night! copy & paste time!

  13. TheJam711:

    Sorry but there is a part I want to start fading the song silent but can figure that out.. Please help me out.. Thank you!!!!

  14. TheJam711:

    How do I fade a song at the end???? There is a part when I want to start fade

  15. coakane36:

    Are you able to save the created beat?

  16. chermar sebastyan:

    You’ll be able to create unique bangers that’ll rival all the greats who use professional studios whit the best Music Maker here MUSICMAKER.NETNE.NET

  17. GarageBandBoss:

    I remade this demo song on garageband and garageband only. Check it out, its pretty cool.

  18. goldybeats:


  19. Fidzen:

    yes, ofc you are

  20. Julius Kang:

    Are you able to import your own sounds/samples?