How to Jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 iPhone 4,3Gs,iPod Touch 4,3 & iPad Tethered w/ redsn0w

Visit: For iPhone 4S Visit for all of the required jailbreaking tool and ISPW files. Follow all st…

[youtube 31bZpQXxpAE]

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  1. Ciffany Le:

    no he said to Sit back. LOL xD well he also said shut up…

  2. CrackMachine1:

    uh… ok lol

  3. NigaKids:

    ur like my step dad

  4. Aldo Redaelli:

    Awesome video! I love your opening with the Credits. How did you do that? What software did you use? Good job man!

  5. wedabest35:

    I can’t help but look at the puppy in the background haha -_-

  6. Lplinkinpark4:

    Thank you

  7. philycheesesteak127:

    better bow down to him and pray

  8. Sam Ryan:

    did he tell me to shut up.

  9. CrackMachine1:

    All the required tools and files are on the blog.

  10. Andrew Ortiz:

    i don’t see any links in the description except for a Facebook page and a blog page

  11. CrackMachine1:

    I would suggest you wait for a proper jailbreak for ios 5.1. I am not certain if this tutorial will work for it. Ill be sure to upload a Jailbreak iOS 5.1 guide soon.

  12. ajS2jc:

    Does it work for iPhone 3GS ios5.1 (9b176)?

  13. CrackMachine1:

    Um plug it in and recharge it lol

  14. CrackMachine1:

    Ya i don’t see why not

  15. URworseNIGHTMARE100:

    i got a ipad 2 4.3 can i jail break it and plz tell me how

  16. venusboys22:

    If my device dies what will happen?

  17. Handy97Man:

    Your’e a fucking lord! :D

  18. Jan Sawula:

    nice dog 😀

  19. StiansNorskeNyheter:

    it works, thanks

  20. Blaze Burkenstock:

    «You know what to do, Sit back, Shut up and Follow along with me» — BEST TUTORIAL OPENING EVER

  21. IPawdKingGermany:

    6:49 BOOM

  22. MrDoctorcooldude:

    dude do an untethered video it just sounds easier