How To Put Dvd’s On To Your iPod/iPhone

This video will show you how to get a dvd on to your computer converted to MP4 and ready to put on your iPod, iPod Touch, and iPhone hope you enjoy. Link To …

[youtube fmLYyyyOBq8]

ipod 10

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  1. Kris Ortiz:

    It worked for Spring Breakers!

  2. FreshBeautyBlvd:

    you should make an updated video because the website has changed and yeah… its 2013

  3. iLuviPhones9:

    Lol funny thing is you dont have to buy dvd fab @ANime FraNKOS

  4. Minecraft4ever12345:

    Can you do it on iPad

  5. Fraser Sampayo:

    Will this work on iPhone 5

  6. drnicknackpizza:

    will the dvd still play in a dvd player after you do this?

  7. xEtherealxTwilightx:

    thanks so much! just kept me from dying from bordom on a long road trip <3

  8. huttonayee:

    its not illegal to create a copy or to watch the copy only to play the copy the same time as original

  9. xianthex:

    Hm. I can’t help being dubious about this, but I’ll take your word for it I guess.

  10. Brandon Y.:

    Its your DVD, if you actually look up the rules/laws it says that you can, «Copy any owned DVD or BluRay to any device or DVD as long as the video is not shared or sold to another party.» So yes, you can copy or rip it.

  11. xianthex:

    I’m pretty sure it’s not. DVDs always show a warning at the start telling you not to reproduce them in any way, or even to show them in certain settings.

  12. Brandon Y.:

    It is legal, as long as you own the dvd, which he does.

  13. gamerpob:

    Is it in Iphone Format??

  14. xianthex:

    lol — «that would be copyright», as though any of this is legal 🙂

  15. smileydodo:

    mine has a stupid watermark

  16. Jennifer Faria:

    I managed to upload a video to my iphone5 but there was no sound. Any help? I have an iphone5 and am using a macbook, don’t have a pc

  17. Johnny4Eva16:

    Thanks for the help! Your a life saver! *-*

  18. hognigk96: