Gaming on the iPod touch 4G

Twitter: Site: Games used: Real Racing AirCoaster Pro eBoy FixPix In this video I give a demo of g…

[youtube Q7dRDWS8tjk]

ipod 5

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комментария 22

  1. Darkklowngod5:

    ipod 5 is good. however the price is not. For that much you may as well buy a gaming desktop.

  2. Kent Duran:

    Yeah right

  3. Neilx14:

    That includes Dead Trigger.

  4. Kent Duran:

    Some fps games lags on my ipod 4

  5. Rob Banks:

    Temple run 2 and other new games are laggy on my ipod touch 4 after i updated it to ios 6

  6. reclif .:

    But is it better then ps vita screen?:)

  7. KingWafi Yugi-Tuber:

    It’s not a iPod.
    It’s not an iPod.
    Know the difference.

  8. bradleyrules09:

    Hey guys with all my games i always lag in each one it just started happening i dont know why? any suggestions? thanks

  9. Ivan6235:

    real racing graphic is so bad compared to real racing 2

  10. theRyedfore:

    he sounds so much like david schwimmer, 😛

  11. harleymaree sperling:

    aah but everytime i try to put a game on (free) it says your not an administrater so then it takes back the game help please!!

  12. jokaz397:

    1:31 (IPHONE) i thought i was a iPod :L

  13. Siknik64:

    Go with something decent, at least 10GB, cause no matter what if it’s a 16, 32, or 64. You are not getting the full memory. About 2GB is used for the iOS.

  14. jdcollins16:

    If i am going to buy an ipod touch, how much memory do I need

  15. jdcollins16:

    If I am going to buy a ipod touch, how my memory do I need

  16. markusboyd3:

    @Ariana4evr3 and the 6th will be better than the 5th, next year…

  17. ppppppp7hayatopp:

    as a gaming device

  18. ppppppp7hayatopp:

    Ios gaming SUCKS seriously ds and psp or ps vita are twenty billion times better than ipod touch

  19. gagan31313:

    dont give a shit

  20. stephenscami:

    actullay i got the option to have it my personal tastes person mind your beezzzzz wax LOL

  21. gagan31313:

    seriously…. you’re too young to even have a youtube account forget being bullied….. even though gamekillernick didnt say anything that could’ve offended you so technically you can’t say that he hurt you’re feelings cuz ur too jealous of the new ipod because you know you cant have one so hushhhhhh.

  22. Ryan Christopher:

    why dont you just shut up and study? you 10 and your sitting here watching the ipod. so what if you get bullied? every one gets bullied at one point of their lifes. what about you? get a life and stop bitching about the ipod 5g and how it looks like.its still your parents money. if you want to argue,GO GET A FRIKKING JOB AND BUY IT,dont act like you know everything.your not steve jobs.