TLDR: Windows 8, iPhone Problems, and Skype

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[youtube xTRd9Py6ZXI]

iphone 6

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  1. NolansVlogs:

    3 target. Shut up

  2. Ansgar G Grimsrud:

    Windows 7 im not

  3. Andreas Ioannou:

    Thanks Chris for sharing.­­­

  4. Sayf Aofy:

    nice video Chris

  5. 3Target33:

    you fucking miserable hermaphroditic malefactor and a degenerate irredeemably boring abomination to all the senses.

  6. Zeldas Champion:

    Windows 8 app store won’t connect to the internet.

  7. microwsiren:

    My windows 8 computer wont let me login

  8. WalesGaming:

    Actually 2. There are, You can get them from the internet on your little ios. 1) They don’t allow them incase people get really scared.

  9. 10snoopy1:

    2: That’s just what Apple wants you to think. 🙂

  10. 10snoopy1:

    Any recommended iOS antivirus software?

  11. peterhejlejensen:

    Windows 8 = The first double OS.


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  13. Davis Smith:


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  14. 903someone:

    Keep hitting button 3!

  15. vladas78:

    fucking youtube fix ur player already

  16. TheGeo913:

    I’m quite happy with my netbooks and they all run Linux 🙂

  17. Saake Botha:

    I think it was the video, unless the iPad took an arrow to the graphics chip.

  18. Saake Botha:

    He has to do it to make money. He has to eat…. So I don’t care about the ad’s.