TLDR: Windows 8, iPhone Problems, and Skype18 комментариев


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iphone 6

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18 комментариев

  1. NolansVlogs

    3 target. Shut up

  2. Ansgar G Grimsrud

    Windows 7 im not

  3. Andreas Ioannou

    Thanks Chris for sharing.­­­

  4. Sayf Aofy

    nice video Chris

  5. 3Target33

    you fucking miserable hermaphroditic malefactor and a degenerate irredeemably boring abomination to all the senses.

  6. Zeldas Champion

    Windows 8 app store won’t connect to the internet.

  7. microwsiren

    My windows 8 computer wont let me login

  8. WalesGaming

    Actually 2. There are, You can get them from the internet on your little ios. 1) They don’t allow them incase people get really scared.

  9. 10snoopy1

    2: That’s just what Apple wants you to think. 🙂

  10. 10snoopy1

    Any recommended iOS antivirus software?

  11. peterhejlejensen

    Windows 8 = The first double OS.


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  13. Davis Smith


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  14. 903someone

    Keep hitting button 3!

  15. vladas78

    fucking youtube fix ur player already

  16. TheGeo913

    I’m quite happy with my netbooks and they all run Linux 🙂

  17. Saake Botha

    I think it was the video, unless the iPad took an arrow to the graphics chip.

  18. Saake Botha

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