Top 10 Must Have/Best Cydia Sources 2012 For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad On iOS5/5.0.1/5.1/5.1.1

Top Cydia Sources / Repositories for Cydia on Jailbroken iPhone, iPod, and iPad on 5.0 5.0.1 5.1 Top Cydia Sources — NEW!!! 2012, Works with 4.3, 4.3.1, 5.0 …

[youtube 6Dp49qg5iq0]

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  1. crookedserpent666:

    Fucking hell! 54 seconds in and sorry but I can’t take anymore of this kids voice, it’s going right through me like nails being dragged down a blackboard!!

  2. mw2roach100:


  3. MrWhat11the:

    what is the theme in the beginning?

  4. Green Shirts:

    How Many Sources I Can Add In Cydia?Is There Any Limit Or Unlimited?

  5. Diego solorio:

    Fuck you bich it’s old

  6. Deionteay Higgins:

    hes going through puberty take it

  7. Malik Makana:

    honestly guys stop complaining about his voice! its not like you typed «what are good animations, with a guy with a sexy voice» no.. just deal with it

  8. LaGekko:

    i get about 5 comments a week saying stuff like you jerk! or He is just trying to help! just shut the fuck up and stop squeeling

  9. Gavin Feathers:


  10. Gavin Feathers:

    this was great thanks

  11. Dlwardogs:

    It’s cool

  12. Amir Azizi:

    What is your problem? if you dont like his voice then go cause hes just trying to help you


    Love your theme for your IPhone on the vid hot

  14. xzeegames:

    thumbs up if you just go to discrbshin

  15. Justin Anders:

    Thanks man it really helped me out.

  16. Justin Anders:

    Personally if what he says helps me I could care less what his voice sounds like.

  17. Mark C:

    Open up cydia ya don’t say

  18. applmoderz2000:

    from 10 all the way up to number 1?

  19. garrett leboutillier:

    but the stuff he told us is usefull

  20. JDOnlineGaming:

    you sound like fuckin FRED