iPod Nano Comparison Video: 4G vs 5G

Subtle differences in these guys, just wanted to compare it for you all. One other thing that I did notice afterwards (that for some reason I didn’t notice a…

[youtube urQmU8YH6mg]

ipod 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Kayla Elaine:

    if you had to pick would you get the 7th gen nano or stick with your 5th

  2. Will Magruder:

    i own a black ipod nano 5G and yes, it does catch a lot of finger prints

  3. Elizabeth Sadie:

    how does a dog eat a metal ipod? do you mean swallowed it?

  4. euan campbell:

    i have a 4g nano and its only in the last 2 months since 2009 that ive broke the glass and damaged the screen aha!

  5. saif mhesen:

    hi i have an ipod nano 4th g and 5th g but the 5thg sound is much lower than the 4g what should i do ??? please help :D:D

  6. Bailey Grebinger:

    Hey LuisMayhem17! i raised enough money to buy a 5th gen. iPod nano, but i didn’t know which one to buy. I’ve spent about an hour or two researching the difference and well, nothing really… The videos that I did click on showed complete favoritism towards the 5th gen. So i kept searching and found you! This video was perfect and really detailed and you actually showed me the difference in the exact way i was searching for. +1 subscriber/ 1 like/ 1 comment/ 3 shares thanks bro keep doing good!

  7. safi chn:

    hahaha this bro is gonna buy a TV for a remote that already has , what a joke .

  8. DukeNukem2020:

    I have the 4g. I love it. I’m going to get a 5g for my next one

  9. mannu911:

    I’m sorry, but that is so american to only review the appearence and none of the actual features…

  10. xico403:

    Thanks, now I can knowed what generation its mi Ipod: 5 😀

  11. ruourofino:

    This 5th gen. nano was one of my iPods. It’s the best nano ever released, in my opinion. What a shame that I lost it on a flight to Amsterdam. The new one is so lame.

  12. Tickle Pickle:

    Why did apple waste their life making a shitty Ipod?!! 6g

  13. CANADAoverUSA:

    I have a 5g case from a while ago and im considering geting either the 4 or 5. Will they both fit?

  14. Thane Yun:

    thnkas so is it better on the ipod touch 4g?

  15. ibanez0830:

    Bad, it is not HD so very pixelated even in good lighting, but gets the job done.

  16. Thane Yun:

    whats the quality for the camera on the 5g nano?

  17. 888kingblue:

    I think iPod Nano 6g the BIG SHIT !!! 😀

  18. kubste:

    that means i have 5g!