Download Music Free on Your iPhone ,iPad And iPod Touch in iOS 6.1/ 6.1.1 /6.1.2 With Grooveshark

Download Music Free in iOS 6.1 on The iPhone ,iPad And iPod Touch With Groove-shark Cydia Sources Below : 1) 2) FOR UP TO…

[youtube -icw4xuGQXw]

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комментариев 16

  1. RaLiBoBsisraami:

    I have a problem, after the 14 day trial ran out I renewed it and now when I download music, it plays a different song than what I’m downloading. Any thing I can do to fix it?

  2. tinab3001:

    Get that dick out your mouth speak clearly

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  4. G Vargas:

    Thanks man it worked

  5. kirk ditchos:

    I this work on version 5.0.1 from iPad?

  6. kirk ditchos:

    This is work on version 5.0.1?

  7. Gino Bastiaans:

    You my hero thank you

  8. jvcxbox:

    Amazing thanks dude!!

  9. alex sanchez:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!1

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  12. skippy Balcarcel:

    mine says size mismatch

  13. benjamin san:

    thanks it does helps alot

  14. Rhyan Howells:

    It keeps saying unable to download item

  15. vanlangenhoves091:

    If you Renew your trial, is all your music than gone ?

  16. Jason Castagna:

    The trial will run out after 14 days yes and 50 plays, but you can just renew the trial when it has ended and voila. Unlimited trials.