Apple — iPhone Keynote 2007 (HD) Part 1 of 6

Steve Jobs R.I.P 1955 — 2011.

[youtube Lyx_va6f10s]

iphone 6

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комментария 22

  1. humane486:

    A new word was born : Smartphone

  2. Kasym original:

    Das waren Zeiten

  3. Chris Chen:

    I dont care that Android is faster or better.Only thing that I care is Apple…

  4. guyrocks20:

    I have the iPhone 3GS that Steve jobs made, I

  5. guyrocks20:

    The iphone is better than the galaxy I love iPhones

  6. Bobby Ewing:

    Agreed. I don’t hate on iPhone at all, it’s just not for me. I enjoy freedom and the ability to manage my own user interface and add and remove anything that I want and my Galaxy S4 is exactly what I want. The Android OS is pretty much derived from iOSX and I’m not saying that it’s BAD, in fact I used an iPhone for 2 years before seeing the light and switching to Android but it’s just all down to taste. I love the iPhone it’s just not as customization based as the Android phones are.

  7. AX PO:

    4:35 Look at them all recording the keynote with their Blackberry’s.

  8. GodAfraid:

    Mravo steve jobs tha minis panta aksexastos

  9. JamesBond007MI6Video:

    Jump Cuts

  10. dreamazon12:

    Apple is just revolutionary in all ways. Apple will stay on top.

  11. Ines Lau:

    I love Steve Jobs

  12. Jorge Ayala:

    Steve Jobs really knew how to make a presentation.

  13. ChukNorrisHas12Moons:

    I love this. In 2007, Steve Jobs says this is five years ahead of any other phone. In 2012, the Galaxy S3 is released, which Samsung intended to be a clone of the iPhone. Geez, how did he know?!? That man was a genius.

  14. Kamila Reyes:


  15. Overjap48:

    6:50 shit galaxy note

  16. PurpleDragonite69:

    3.5 inch screen. 160 ppi.
    amazing how technology has progressed from then.

  17. MrZombiemaster09:

    it would’ve meant we would’ve still had shitty phones with keyboards, no touch screens, and possibly no 4G LTE!!!

  18. Nolan Pattison:

    It is really big lol

  19. Mason Watts:

    Amazing how apple has came now the I phone 6 is conning

  20. 99centsappdevelopmen:

    Amazing speaker! Jobs, not iPhone Mono speaker

  21. Jack Owens:

    Love this speech, he really did change the phone and he was someone who will be remembered for a long time

  22. bilal dinah:

    With out Apple, there would be no «Multi touch technology.» And that means no Samsung Galaxy S3/4!