Chilly Gonzales — ‘Never Stop’

Currently soundtracking the latest iPad advert, Chilly Gonzales’ ‘Never Stop’ has been described as ‘possibly the best piano driven slice of disco that’s bee…

[youtube dWId83YAepA]

iphone 6

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  1. cyrano car:

    song is automatically shit now -.-. heard it way too many times and it just makes me think of white, middle upper class people trying to show us how technology connects us all better as humans.

  2. Jeremiah Babudas:

    I was brought here by a fake iphone 6 ad made by a boy as a school project.

  3. Janie Bird:

    What brought me here? i searched for it… it was purposeful

  4. ThawedTroglodyteJury:

    Ipids brought me to this.

    Ipid = bark-boring or wood-boring short-beaked beetles; very destructive to forest and fruit trees.

  5. JonnyFlash80:

    This song blows my mind.

  6. booniak:

    Dude…i was blind and you gave me the sight!

  7. Giant Pink:

    He’s just butthurt that someone can do something he cannot. Don’t be mad at «people» like this, they’re just hurting and lashing out like a wild animal in pain. Feel sorry for the little critter and continue being awesome. 😉

  8. matthew416811:

    Aqua Lake Zone (sonic 2)

  9. CommentMasterBoom:

    This comment has received too many negative votes

    What you get for being a complete idiot. Go die somewhere.

  10. Nonchalant82:

    saw a roller skating video where someone was jamming to this…shazam identified it and that’s how i got here lol….not like anyone gives a shit! haaaaaahaha

  11. theolmandu69:

    Ahah i was just kidding 😉

  12. Cheryl Rickerby:

    Ah no, was just saying no need to be a smart ass, you tube sure brings them out, aye tough guy

  13. theolmandu69:

    You want a medal for this?

  14. Kasey Milinkovich:

    His real last name isn’t Gonzales

  15. Johnny Gonzales:

    My last name good job chilly Gonzales!!!

  16. Howell Rees:

    Exactly the same as the below quote. That’s the Internet

  17. IAmArique:

    Daft Punk and iPads brought me here.

  18. Alex Apple:

    Apple! :p

  19. Nigurak:

    Shit upon, moron.

  20. solitaryflower:

    «the best piano-driven disco in 10 years» HAHAHAHA! 🙂 Love it.