DIY studded iPhone case

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[youtube 6ZIFFzbA8U0]

iphone 6

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  1. Jessica Barbosa:

    You would think of just placing the paper inside but using a bumper clear case. So it you can change the paper out. But it looks good how you did it (:

  2. Princesspiinnk13:

    Do you have a white iPhone now?

  3. Destiny Martinez:

    Sooooo Cuteeee!!

  4. Jennifer Rose:

    i love your attitude towards haterz you go girl !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Marie Mass:

    I havé the same !!!

  6. stylishteenbeauty:

    hahahahaha lol thanks i guess!

  7. Cassandra Stubbs:


  8. CocoCouture4:

    Great video, thanks! How is the case holding up? Also what’s the brand of glue you used?

  9. messecat:

    um, is it just me or is it that she sucked up the studs like a magnet..

  10. Mya Rosas:

    Okay . Well I was just saying . (:

  11. Ashily tomson:

    you are so adorable (:

  12. stylishteenbeauty:

    if you were smart enough you could’ve seen that the case isn’t that transparent.

  13. Mya Rosas:

    If you were smart enough you could’ve put the paper inside.

  14. Julissa Pereira:

    so nice makes me cry<3

  15. FutureWifeyof1D:

    you show em gurllllll

  16. YTfancol:

    Very nice, thanks 🙂