Transfer your Iphone contacts to PC or Android Phone Easy

Copy your contacts or move them from your Iphone to Android or PC I have just moved from iphone to android while i wait for the new iphone 5 to be released i…

[youtube pxm8wbOYlXE]

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  1. sharkiweb:

    You done something wrong then I think

  2. Jonny Rooke:

    doesnt save numbers tho…………..

  3. Boris Agatic:

    Thanks man,awesome

  4. HaulAzzForever:

    Infuriating. Google doesn’t suggest apps that make things this easy either. This was a very straightforward way to get er done.

  5. TheRigonater:

    I was 5 seconds from punching a hole through the wall thank you so much. Stupid Itunes bullshit

  6. supernova031404:

    GREAT MAN THANX, I almost pay $40 for some app call mobile transfer, but You save me thanx

  7. jean stuart:

    thank you so much

  8. K gill:

    Excellent thanks


    Thx Dude

  10. DjSantoZ:

    thanks man great help!!!!!

  11. Enjoy2020:

    Thanks very much!I just followed your tutorial and it worked great 🙂

  12. Ramazan Temirci:

    You’re the fucking best dude

  13. Ulric Rousseau:

    Dude you rule

  14. ravish1508831:

    God Bless you dude………………..!

  15. RTSLAVE:

    Dude, heck yeah! Thanks! Just switched to Android and man, this saved me a TON of frustration of inputting each contact.

  16. blitzermanonline:

    Thanks a million very useful video. Thumbs up!

  17. eliottkid123:

    Did anybody else realize the triple AAA at the begg of the video?

  18. Michael Cossette:

    Now that was simple…..great, thanks so much