Apple Maps Dark Knight Parody Movie HD

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[youtube llyq-zyE-wU]

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  1. Jey Teh:

    I can’t stop laughing and my stomach is going to cramp!!!!!!!

  2. arizonabrewerton:

    This covers every horrible thing google maps has done to me. *that’s not a road!*

  3. torpedo192:

    I was expecting batman to scream ‘WHERE IS IT?!!!’ repeatedly at the phone…

  4. Michael Reyes:

    Once apple dropped Google maps I instantly put my iPhone on craigslist

  5. Austin Solorzano:

    So I’m guessing Apple Maps suck. Is that what they’re tryna say? LOL XD

  6. Mrjohnny164:

    «you have arrived to your destination»

    «WhY aM I In HonG KonG?!?…

  7. spaceacex101:

    RACHAEEEELLLL!!!! lmao

  8. catalin000ful:

    This is epic! hahaha

  9. John Doolan:

    I laugh so hard when batman talks

  10. Dicky Krist:

    hahahhaa. LOL

  11. ジョージ タカヤマ:


  12. MrJoedf:

    It’s not Google Maps…

  13. Alex Ur:

    Aaaaaa Siri you lie ! lol

  14. Hhh Hhh:


  15. normandycap07:

    0:35 haha original Batman ’89 reference.

  16. EShAn309:

    looled :D

  17. Mau Jo:

    «Oh, my God, I’m in the mall!»

  18. HoonsTube:

    This is one of the greatest parody of apple so far

  19. Jimmy Li:

    wow 15,000 like and 0 dislikes….thats got to be some kind of record

  20. kikthesack21:

    Err! Ahh! Rachel! Racheeeeell!