Weapons of Mass Production — iPhone 5 Review, Camera Comparison: Nikon DSLR and Hasselblad — WOMP

The iPhone 5 has arrived and we have the iPhone 5 camera app review you’ve been waiting for. In this episode, Kevin and John compare the strengths and weakne…

[youtube qZMvJ5qFWlc]

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  1. Jack Rushing:

    I can zoom in with an iPhone

  2. CrazeeCorbin:

    If you have proper lenses. An iPhone 5 can be a great filming and photo taking device. Which makes it a great tool because it is very very convenient. Also the iPhone 5 has a great zoom which focuses directly when it takes the zoomed photo so you don’t have to focus around with the photo. Also iphone apps haves opened up windows for video zooming, effects, and other great focus, exposure, and ae af locking mechanisms. Also there are many stabilizers, handles, and tripod mounts for the iPhone.

  3. LekaMiftari:

    «Partner rating: No mature content» Yeah, right…

  4. Corey Lockett:

    Comparing a professional DSLR camera. . . To a cell phone. . . Yeah. >_>

  5. Bam Badurios:

    WoW great work my friend! I love my NIKON camera. I use mine for Time-Lapse movies. You just need this little remote for it to work: tempus.bymac.org

  6. biffy7:

    I just waisted 30 minutes watching this video 3 times, now I’m late for work 😉 Subscribed. done.

  7. xYukicore777:

    Indeed, I don’t orient much in Nikon models, so I didn’t pay attention to the model, when I was watching the video, it has a really great sensor and amazing low-light shooting capabilities.

  8. crisislab:

    Thank you Zxefreeman. 🙂 There doesn’t always have to be a «winner». Just a meaningful comparison to show the differences.

  9. crisislab:

    You are correct sir: no prime there. That was the Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8, their standard pro zoom. The Nikon full-frame DSLRs are best-in-the-world for low-light.

  10. attlee2010:

    A professional photographer with a sense of humour and not a stick up his ass. Subscribed!

  11. jhacksparrow1088:


  12. xYukicore777:

    But he wasn’t using a prime lens, was he?

  13. Xzefreeman:

    For those people who thinks this is an Unbalanced Comparison! well… FOR PETE’s SAKE!!! No one wins, this is not a Versus video, this is a Comparison video.