GTA Car Kits — Honda Accord 2003-2007 install of iPhone, Ipod and AUX adapter for factory stereo — installation instruction for iPhone, iPod, AUX, mp3 adapter into factory stereo of Honda Accor…

[youtube MDi4HuR3sf0]

ipod 5

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  1. thisismegooddeed:

    hey, me too, I am looking for the same thing coz I have an iPhone 5 !!


  2. videomaniac714:

    after i moved my shifter down i couldn’t get my key out so i just left it on the whole time lol. i just hope it doesn’t drain my battery when my cars off… sound quality is amazing though!!!!

  3. Patrick Doherty:

    I have an iPhone 5 is there a way to get the iPhone 5 cable instead of say the 4,4s and all the other models?

  4. ItsPsychoh:

    with this installed will you still be able to listen to satellite radio?

  5. KEN2209:

    I have iPhone 5 , your item is work ??

  6. Homeaudiohometheater:

    I needed a long enough aux cord for my car & this was perfect! It’s also very durable. I know this cable will last me an extremely long time.

    here is the link to it in case anyone isinterested:amzn.to1chB7TS

  7. youngflyasf:

    Does that work for android too

  8. GTA Car Kits:

    the only way to use your android, is through the AUX cable, but you will have no radio controls.

  9. GTA Car Kits:

    it will still work.

  10. GTA Car Kits:

    w w w . gtacarkits . c o m

  11. GTA Car Kits:

    it doesnt matter if you have a CD changer, or not.

  12. GTA Car Kits:

    yes you will have full control from your radio.

  13. GTA Car Kits:

    it will work the exact same way.

  14. GTA Car Kits:

    it will be exactly the same as your CD.

  15. GTA Car Kits:

    yes your radio will have the same input.

  16. GTA Car Kits:

    we are currently working on developing bluetooth for these kits.

  17. GTA Car Kits:

    yes it will work the same way.