How to Unlock the iPhone 4S using R-SIM (no jailbreak required)

Retweet: Name: How to unlock the iPhone 4S Description: This video shows how to unlock the iPhone 4S using the R-SIM, an interp…

[youtube cK82wkK6Ehc]

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  1. lucille herman:

    good jailbreak for all iDevices for 6.1.4 is here bit.ly12OthkT

  2. Aldo Mijares:

    I also use an Altoids tin!! 😀

  3. John amber:

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  4. AKxx313xxAK:

    Or you can just factory unlock it at iswapple …

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  6. Henk van Stee:

    Best Working Tutorial, check here:

  7. band21jennaannahay:

    I have this thing with tmobile called family mobile. Will it still work?

  8. sgreen4:

    r-sim, x-sim or gevey. Which is the best?

  9. Reut Maimon:

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  11. Jay Lewis:

    why would ez iphone unlocker be safer and easier. for one the product this guy talks about is from apple and prolly come with instructions and ez iphone unlocker after filling in fields then directs you to your original carrier for unlock codes and then charges you huge prices for a simple method its called ripping your eyes out and waiting for the sockets unlocker

  12. Tabitha Jordan:

    GoogIe EZ iPhone Unlocker, it’s a way safer and easier unlock

  13. SmokingSuns:

    Will this UNlock a Bad ESN Sprint USA iPhone to work with AT&T USA?

  14. Jennifer Davis:

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  16. Wilmar Barrameda Alegre:

    guarantee it wont work with sprint iphone 4s ios 6.0.1 don’t buy it, don’t waste time and money 100% scammmmmmm

  17. Isoto680:

    Is the thing free

  18. foxmasterln:

    Can I do the same thing just with a straight talk

  19. Srujan Chaudhari:

    You can unlock iPhone 4/4s/5 just by paying 35$..and it will work on all carrier…and its an official unlock too,so u will not have any problem while updating your iPhone!! i think its better to get your iPhone factory unlocked 🙂

  20. Zac Hill:

    Thank you, I went to ebay to purchase this, And it only cost 5 dollars 😀

  21. Jesus Zavala:

    Thank you so much! This is just what I needed, has anyone tell you that you sound like Steve Jobs?

  22. Kenaan Amri:

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  23. John Smith:

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