Lifeproof iPhone 5 Case Review with Water Test

The Lifeproof iPhone 5 case offers the best all-round protection for your iPhone 5. It protects your iPhone 5 from impacts, up to 2 meters of water, snow and…

[youtube O0K20F1tIJQ]

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. MMAJP182:

    i tested mine in warm water and the inside of the screen got slightly foggy is that faulty or? someone help please

  2. extremedroptests:

    Get the Armor Series. I have it and it is amazing. Check out my tests on my channel!

  3. MrRage256:

    U like

  4. Dejay meowmeow:

    why spend 100 dollars when you can just liquipel it for 60

  5. TechKidReviews:

    @ismellladygaga It’s a water, crack, snow, dirt proof case…

  6. Stephen Zimmermann:

    lol «iPhone fove»

  7. ismellladygaga:

    Its a water proof case, not crack proof.

  8. keannaloves1D:

    I have a lifeproof case and i use it in the pool to take underwater pictures with my friends but water got into it (idk how, everything was shut) and now my phone is glitching really bad… HELP


    Use the volume button you dumbfuck.

  10. Ensirx:

    you can press the volume up bottom to take a picture

  11. tocdo1:

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  12. WillYouBeMyTacox:

    Why are people saying its fake? You must live under a rock if you’ve never heard or seen these. They’re all over. Most of them are around $100 on amazon just look up life proof case

  13. FedLegacy2K:

    U can use the volume up/down buttons to take pictures/video underwater.

  14. Mazwell96:

    mushy peas, chips and gravy

  15. Al Shor:

    i thought u said that the touchscreen didnt work under water

  16. BarnoMastro:

    iphone foive

  17. JayJay Macintosh:

    i just hate your accent, i dont kno why, i just hate it, it ruins the review

  18. bob hike:

    Do they make it for touch 5?

  19. Chris Vargas:

    I use the life proof case to text in the shower lol

  20. LaPwnRoblox:

    You need to take the ipod out after and check for water in the case