Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas — Lowrider Challenge

PC Version [NOTE: This mission is NOT mandatory for achieving 100% completion of the game.]

[youtube 5V9nU2SUjpQ]

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  1. TheLuca2001:

    It isn’t necesarry for 100% (as writen in GTA Wikia). And you can wager how much do you want.


    my car keeps tipping over how do you stop that

  3. Nunica Music Channel:

    Footage like this makes good placeholder footage for funk songs I plan to submit to my music channel!

    You should subscribe to my channel since I got lots of music on it.

  4. Uriel Uribe:

    What’s the name of the first song not West coast poplock

  5. Goob Dogg:

    i suck compared to you

  6. Bradeley Chung:

    change the controls in vehicle controls(change the numpads in special’s and change it into arrow keys it works B)

  7. CamaroSeeker:

    Ronnie Hudson- West Coast Poplock

  8. JRB Gliding:

    whats the song

  9. iLikeScaryGames:

    Or maybe u could just press Numlock, and It’ll probably work.

  10. AddictionToGaming:

    Try to redefine the vehicle controls in the game’s options menu: assign the keys you want for Special Control Left/Right/Up/Down.

  11. MoleekFD:

    this works

  12. Pipobatti:

    How do i even do this, the arrows to dance dont even show up D:

  13. AddictionToGaming:

    Read the description.

  14. Zack0ry:

    do you have to do this to get 100%?
    iv done it in the normal missions, do i have to do it again?
    if yes do i have to wager 1000$? (coz the more you wager the harder it gets)

  15. Blade Darkice:

    OMG how did u do it? to me this was the hardest mission in gta san andreas im now stucked in this mission D:

  16. Demondgamer:

    lol pass it worse lowrider ever
    just got 100 for it -O-