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[youtube 0IyouVgm6sg]

iphone 6

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  1. shab nador:

    Hair ttutorial

  2. Dana Al-Thani:


  3. xBexLovablex:

    This was posted on my birthday3 (iknow you don’t care sry)

  4. halwasalwa:


  5. halwasalwa:

    What was the name of the first photo editing app??

  6. haidarssalloum:

    Cocoppa is a virus

  7. OMGitzRia:

    Bitch don’t kill my vibe HAHAHA EVELINA!

  8. Krithika Gupta:

    Your videos are amazing .. which cam you use to record ? which software you use to edit the videos ?

  9. 101funnymaker:


  10. Miya Gordon:

    whats the one you said Ninegav? i cant find it

  11. Tea vähäjylkkä:

    Cocopa is a virus app.. My english isn’t very good, so I can’t explain what I mean, but it brings virus to the phone

  12. Ka Ja:

    hair tutorial ! <3

  13. Sierra Johnson:

    If you’re talking about the cute icons, you download an app called coocppa and follow the instructions 🙂 I personally don’t like it very much because all it is is a shortcut and it delays getting to the actual app…it gets annoying after awhile, but if that doesn’t bug you, go for it!