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[youtube EFqfWsMOofc]

iphone 6

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  1. John Heath:

    Hi great video, can you help me with one thing. You have the icons on your desktop ready to be recognized for the Firmware 10A403. My firmware after downloading is not showing up at all when I try to enter it, I believe I have to change it into a different format, what do I do HELP!

  2. Robert Ross:

    -Unlock any iOS device only with this Tutorial!
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  3. FNTProductionz1:

    worked to unlock phone but cant acess iphone on iTunes to acess

  4. dick butkiss:

    mine stays at the second «waiting for reboot» and it wont reboot

  5. Charm Reid:

    why failed to decrypt kernel? its appearing when i clicked on jailbreak. please help help. 🙁

  6. Giovanni Medeiros:

    Thanks a lot U the fucking best

  7. Icy Lion:

    What’s hacktivate?

  8. Ameer Hamza:

    thanx jani

  9. Leo DiGario:

    this is great man! i got my phone back! THANKS ALOT! more tech..

  10. Alexx Rios:

    richtofen is stuck in waiting for reboot!!

  11. safuan azhar:

    failed to encrypt kernel…how to solve this?

  12. 242BeautyBahama:

    Thanks helped me a lot !

  13. arya8424:

    please help.. can i put my sim card. ll it lock again if i put my sim card.. what to do to use any sim sim card

  14. arya8424:

    YOU ROCK….. SIR GR8888 … thanks alottttttt..

    i also have one question now i dont get the activation screen should i put my sim in is it jailbreaked and unlocked to any sim now????

  15. tinish sharma:

    Mine is waiting for reboot from last 40 min… please help

  16. tinish sharma:

    It worked?

  17. hdezkari:

    hi mine staid waiting reboot like thirty min how do i do it

  18. xxTHAT1TACOxx:

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  19. Zanna Muaz:

    thank you so much bro your videos are really helpful…this video really helped me hactivate and bypass it all. so thanks one more time.

  20. Rhoda Key:

    Just go to this site you will unlock your iphone fast and easy!
    Check it!!

  21. cyborg eric:

    i downloaded the iexplorer and the I06 but don’tknow how to get a copy of my iphone3… pliz help

  22. Sarah Brown:

    Aldren Iombendencio —
    My iphone 3gs is stuck at the reboot too, did yours work in the end? if so how long did it take?

  23. aldren lombendencio:

    my Iphone 3GS stuck at the reboot.. waiting for reboot.. 🙁