Introducing the new iPhone PART 1

Steve Jobs announcing the new iPhone. APPLE REINVENTS THE PHONE! it will be released on june 2007 in the u.s. 4gb model — 9 8gb model — 9.

[youtube ftf4riVJyqw]

iphone 6

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  1. Karim Errytouny:

    2mp camera «aplause»

  2. AnAwesomeMuffin:

    Because they copied Apple

  3. erick gamer:

    queria ter um iPhone mas OS Impostos Aqui do brasil Não Me Deixa te-lo

  4. erick gamer:

    queria ter um mas os impostos aqui do brasil não me deixa te-lo

  5. Jacob Kowanetz:

    Samsung is better

  6. Jacob Kowanetz:


  7. SonyD239:

    Watching this on my iPhone 4S and gonna buy this off eBay don’t ask why I jus want it

  8. Patrick White:

    Watching this on my iPhone 5

  9. TheDwillinger:

    just love watching this holding my samsung galaxy s4, so much have changed in just 6 years

  10. Bob Mclightning:

    I gave no opinions, I stated facts. You’re ignorant and clueless.
    You shouldn’t talk about things you don’t know or understand, idiot.

    I also gave you no advice.

  11. MileyRox31:

    I honestly don’t give a fuck about your opinion or what u think. I’m not trying to give you advice, that’s funny. I commented what I thought and whatever the hell I wanted. Don’t agree? don’t give a fuck. Don’t like it? ignore it. It’s that simple. Bye now

  12. WoogleCheese:

    You were shit. Now get back in your grave.

  13. tp5com:

    You sound like someone who I should be taking tech advice from. Nice Justin Bieber homepage.