iPod or Aux Install 2003-2007 Honda Accord

To buy Adapter: http://enfigcarstereo.com/BLITZSAFE_HON_AUX_DMX_V2X.html To buy Tools: http://enfigcarstereo.com/ENFIG_PPT_12345.html.

[youtube 4yP3YGCtQ_I]

ipod 10

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комментария 24

  1. Enfig:

    RCA cable is not included because there is no reason to raise the price since most people already have that cable. The Enfig HON03-IPDC-AUX will do iPod and aux and also control from the radio.

  2. Enfig:

    It will not go into aux mode unless there is an adapter connected to the back of the radio.

  3. Enfig:

    We have a video that shows how to remove the navigation radio. Just search accord on our page.

  4. sunflwr888:

    any tips when the port is located on the back?

  5. joecascio2000:

    Any coupon code for this? I feel bummed I can’t use the June2013 one.

  6. XxLaMaravish13xX:

    Hi anyone please answer me. When I press cd again to go into aux mode, nothing happens. Why is that ?

  7. tjscarce Musediq Ismail:

    This worked! Thanks a lot. I used knife and flat screw driver to pop those clicks up, and also drilled with hot knife in fire.Don’t judge me,i just had to use the tool i had and it worked perfect.

  8. codywood07:

    Never Mind I found the link! thanks!

  9. codywood07:

    Where do I find the adapter for the back of the stereo to RCA? I’ve looked around locally and can’t seem to find it anywhere?

  10. Younrayray1:

    hey guys does this unit come with the rcacable included? and does it also charge the iPod, one can control the radio from the iPod etc. etc. ?

  11. SpyGirl010101:

    how much does the instilation cost?

  12. Enfig:

    It is behind the radio on navigation radios.

  13. Ben Bochner:

    Mine dose have a Nav, where would it be?

  14. Patrick Manzie:

    The adapter, installation tool and video worked great on our 2007 Accord. Thanks!

  15. ShawnLyteArt:

    Thank you, sir! You guys rock! And soon, so will my LX!

  16. Enfig:

    All 2003 were on the bottom unless you had navigation.

  17. Enfig:

    Yes same install.

  18. Enfig:

    We used a unibit but you can also use a dremel.

  19. ShawnLyteArt:

    In looking around (without removing any parts yet), it would appear that my 2003 Accord LX has the white jack on the back side of the radio. In such a case, will the radio need to be removed in order to access the jack for installation of the adapter unit?

  20. Ben Williamson:

    Does this work the same with a stick shift?

  21. Chad Brenner:

    What type of drill bit did you use to make the hole?

  22. Enfig:

    Its behind and to the right.

  23. Geoff Kilian:

    This is very interesting, I have an 04 EX-L V6 w/ NAV and the only thing I wish my car had was an AUX input.

    This is a great video, but one quick question;

    after doing all the wiring and everything,
    when you tuck the adapter away,
    is it completely BEHIND that ‘compartment’ you took out (the open/closing door storage underneath the stereo)?

    Or does it have to sit inside of that compartment. Thank you

  24. Enfig:

    That is for cars with XM or navigation.