How to Get iOS 7 on Any Apple Device — iPad (mini), iPhone, and iPod Touch

iOS 7 Install Guide for Any Apple Device Link to download iOS 7

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ipad mini

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  1. Weed Mane:

    download the latest firmware (depending on idevice) put your idevice in dfu mode your computer should detect it and ask to restore. if you downloaded the firmware already in itunes hold Shift and click Restore and find where you downloaded the firmware on your computer and itunes will extract and restore your idevice

  2. Jay Aaron:

    If i have to update my ios7 , will it be able to update? or do i have to download an update from a torrent?

  3. Justin Bretz:

    help my ipad keeps switching on and off from the white and black screen to black and white screen.

  4. RobloxGuy FiveEightSeven:

    OMG THANKS SO MUCH!!!!! To get it to work you need to restore your iPad with a fresh copy of iOS 6 before installing iOS 7!!!!

  5. RobloxGuy FiveEightSeven:

    how do I get my iPad Mini unstuck from the black/white apple screen? .__.

  6. RobloxGuy FiveEightSeven:

    Ah nvm

  7. RobloxGuy FiveEightSeven:

    Can you restore your content with your ios 6 backup?

  8. TheColeb27:

    hey man. i updated and it keeps saying that im not part of the apple devoplers shit. I NEED HELP

  9. Terrell Nesbitt:

    Can someone please assist me, I tried this and now my iphone 5 is stuck on a black screen with a white apple logo and changes to a white screen with a black apple logo periodically and I cannot get rid of it!

  10. iStealShorts:

    How do I downgrade?

  11. Domo Genesis:

    Hold the power button and home button for 10 seconds (the screen should go black)
    Then release the power button and hold the home button for 5 seconds.
    itunes should detect a phone in recovery mode. Then just restore it. 😀

  12. Domo Genesis:

    this doesnt work for me

  13. Domo Genesis:

    you have to get in recovery mode and restore it.

  14. matt borth:

    phone is stuck on black page white logo and itunes keeps sayin my phone is on turn on help plzzzz

  15. Domo Genesis:

    my phone is stuck on the white page with the black apple logo, can i get some help?