OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone 5: Review

Review of the OtterBox Defender case for the new Apple iPhone 5. Amazon: My Info: Google+: Michael Kukielka Facebook:…

[youtube I1YaYYaqO_8]

ipod 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментария 22

  1. Mrleeleroy:

    i love my otterbox 🙂 its very cool :€

  2. Elio Babacic:

    Can I go in the water with it?


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  4. PhonesCellAccess:

    This is a great case. I already dropped my phone on pavement once and this case protected my phone. It does stick when you try to put it in your pocket and it’s a bit bulky but these are minor issues considering how sturdy the case is. I wanted something that would protect my phone from drops and my toddler and this does the trick.

    here is the link to it in case anyone is interested:amzn.to13Xa8Lx


    Dam bro!!! reply to your text!!!

  6. Rockabilityify:

    Why is he wasting time talking about the case around the case? Lol.

  7. Jim Wallak:

    WTF do you expect?

  8. Jim Wallak:

    It would be fine it’s not to bulky, It’s either have a small thickness or g vrying to your mommy.

  9. steve Goods:

    Great case!

  10. beloit22:


  11. TheCrapApp:

    why is white 5 dollars more than the black!

  12. Caseantior:

    What about otter box amour ???

  13. DropTheFreakinBass:

    Maybe work hard or sponsor(?)

  14. Dante Everheart:

    The ONE problem I have is that they don’t have an ALL WHITE defender for the 5, its ridiculous

  15. simplyxwilliam:

    How big is it when its in your pocket (jean pockets non skinny)

  16. Alberto Partida:

    i left mine around my fireplace and it mrelted

  17. Lilfunkymonkey20100:

    But it is like the name armor it protects your phone REALLY good. If you want to protect your phone might as well just pay the big bucks once and keep your phone forever. I think it is a good deal for that much protection.

  18. replacedyew07:

    Does any one know if I can switch my otterbox at Verizion for another one please respond

  19. distortat123:

    How do you afford all these iPhones and computers and things!?

  20. Shafi Fuard:

    (iPhone 5 in iraq war)

    Day One 100%
    Day Two 100%
    and Next Day Won Battle

  21. Ruben Toder:

    Armor is a worse option in terms of drop protection imo.

    Expect if you’re using your phone underwater (which who the hell does, lol)

  22. mariomandude12345:

    Anybody know if the beats solo hd plug can fit into a otterbox defender for the iphone 5?? Somebody plz reply