Corner Desk Gaming Setup — iPhone 5 Video

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[youtube y_4XycvNq8c]

iphone 6

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комментария 24


    You forgot to show us your gaming headset :'( nice video though just earned a sub ri

  2. Sean Moore:

    I need a corner desk. I can only fit one monitor on my desk 🙁

  3. KeytoKilling:

    built it out of file cabinets and wood

  4. TheEasyNinja:

    Where is your desk from?

  5. KeytoKilling:

    wtf I have brown hair!!?? IDK why it looks red cause I have dark brown hair

  6. Cameron Lawrence:


  7. Taylor Goodman:

    your new banner looks like my fleshlight

  8. coltonnall97:

    Why didnt you show us your fleshlight?

  9. Taylor Goodman:

    hes a ginger

  10. Taylor Goodman:


  11. iisneakyninja81:

    im going for a settup almost just like this. just no tv above. gonna look amazing.

  12. KeytoKilling:

    main monitor: 24″ benq 60hz. Second Monitor: lg flatron wide 22″ 60hz. TV: Dynex 32″ 120hz. Thats all that I know

  13. lTheLazymuffinl:

    hey man i like your vids, can you tell me your gaming monitors/tvs specs and what brand it is and everything, i want to know like the refresh rate and stuff, thanks 🙂

  14. KeytoKilling:

    lol thanks!

  15. ToRnAyDoZ:

    I like your halo reach poster I want it!!

  16. KeytoKilling:

    wtf? I have brown hair! Its probably just the light or idk but no, I am not a ginger!

  17. JEZiFiCATi0N:

    Ginger bastard.

  18. KeytoKilling:

    yes I did:)

  19. iisneakyninja81:

    so you moved rooms?

  20. KeytoKilling:

    Goethe?? Is that a company? Its thermaltake but I fucking hate it too! I want to get a new one!

  21. Jason Carpenter:

    I like it all except for the Goethe computer case that’s just… Eww…

  22. KeytoKilling:

    I built it… I bought some flat wood and some cabinets and built it

  23. KeytoKilling:

    Bacon? wtf lol

  24. KeytoKilling:

    I have it for PC