Chillstep Jam on iPad mini Chillstep Jam on iPad mini.

[youtube 6C3hHiKq7dE]

ipad mini

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  1. KlaatuNinja:

    Amidiolnc, changed the title, thanks for the promo and for the heads up, you CAN save sessions. I am sure I tried when I first got the app and it didn’t work, might have been fixed in the update. Anyway, great news, I can get get some new jams going…

  2. AmidioInc:

    Could you please change the name of your video a bit (to «» from «Mint IO» so that users will be able to find your masterpiece using youtube search)? BTW we promoted your video through our facebook page 🙂 expect more views soon!

  3. AmidioInc:

    You can save sessions, this is possible! Up to 16 slots are available. Tap the Menu button and there will be Load / Save buttons, then the slots appear above (in the Chord menu space)