Copy music from iPod To computer for FREE

If you’re comfortable using Windows Explorer, you can easily move your music from your iPod to your PC (iTunes). This is great if your computer’s hard drive …

[youtube dwIG4-oJzdU]

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  1. Kenneth Strickland:

    Who uses iPod classocs these days I came to recover for my iPod touch sadly doesn’t work. :(

  2. dubsishe:

    You’re The Best….2,000 + Songs I thought I had Lost

  3. Paula Dro:

    If you have a pc seriously the easiest way is to get imesh, you can just take you’r music off your iPod through that 😉

  4. Jimmy Pricer:

    After being told by several computer geeks that this was impossible I found your video and it actually worked. Thanks so much for saving my 7000 song library now if I could only retrieve my photos I would be in cyber heaven. Cheers

  5. Jimmy Pricer:

    How can I get my photos back from my Ipod?

  6. ashleighruiz:

    Thank you! So happy to have found this… Worked GREAT!

  7. Travis N:

    Three left over have the silly letter combos, but everything else worked excellently. Thanks for this, and I’m now very glad I kept my old iPod nano and kept it relatively synced with my itunes. I’m very glad you took the time to help everyone else out.

  8. oldskooltracks:

    what about ipod classic

  9. Alley Lincoln:

    best tutorial ever! Thank you! this is exactly what i needed and it worked step by step like you said too! xoxo

  10. Evan Cox:

    great help, only thing is i had verison 11 and i had to delete itunes then download music then reinstall itunes. thank you so much

  11. VinnieWhite:

    Brilliant. Thanks!

  12. Kevin Horsman:

    Is there a way to do this and tell it to not replace songs that may already be in iTunes? Over years I have gone from PC to Mac, lost music, gained some on my mac and I am trying to merge everything!!

  13. Tou Vue:

    Great Great great tutorial. Just wanted to say that I have an ipod nano 6th gen and it works with that device as well. This is also compatible with the latest iTunes 11 and Windows XP (my setup). Thank you for making this.

  14. sircanihavemyvision:

    This comment really has nothing to do with this particular video but I did stumble upon one of your videos that has a restriction on comments and rating and was wondering why you would do that? I don’t mean to be rude or troll you in any way, but I find it hard to pay attention to something (let alone believe in what they’re saying) without hearing some feedback from others. I wasn’t going to thumbs down or anything but was just curious to what others were thinking about what you said.

  15. nathy z:

    i got all my songs, thank you so so much…. tsup.tsup……

  16. lani0626:

    Thank you soooo much! I can now transfer my songs to my new ipod! You are the man! Thanks for making my day =)