How To Install SIRI on 6.1 iPhone 4/3Gs iPod 4G & iPad 2 — BEST FREE Port iOS 6

Easy Guide How To Install SIRI on 6.1 iPhone 4, 3Gs, iPod Touch 4G & iPad 2 on 6.1. Works on iOS 6, 6.0, 6.0.1. Completely Free Port & Server! SOURCE: http:/…

[youtube l5qxtSIeRjE]

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  1. Alan Greenberg:

    Um…could you speak any faster?

  2. Christopher Demuth:

    Dude i did everything the same but on my iPad 2 and Siri pops up but no sound , any insight on this issue ??

  3. edgar triggs:

    this is not the proper way to install it

  4. edgar triggs:

    yea because there is a way you can install siri on a idevice… the issue is that it dosent integrate if your device, yotube «dinozambas 2 how to install siri» that is one out of a few videos that shows you how to install siri to a jailbroken phone…but like i said it will not integrate to your device — meaning it will not schedule appoinments for you it will not wake you up in 5 minutes… but it will do everything that voice command does like call brian, what time is it?

  5. George He:

    Apple may as well include siri in ios 7

  6. eric ngo:

    look at 3:09 iphone 4s has a sim card slot iphone 4 CDMA model has the same antenna breaks as the 4s

  7. George He:

    Very true indeed, the ipod touch is legit though

  8. TasmanVideos:


  9. minecraftisjustcool:

    hold down your lock button for 5 seconds then hold your home button (at the same time) then your i device should restart

  10. minecraftisjustcool:

    You need to jailbreak your iphone / ipod / ipad to get cydia/

  11. minecraftisjustcool:

    Because you if you live in austrailia its a male voice but you can change it in the settings.

  12. deonte mcdowell:

    And also the 4S has a sim in all carriers…

  13. deonte mcdowell:

    The Verizon iPhone 4 doesn’t have a sim in black or white , but in other carriers it does

  14. Matteo Zhang:

    and only say sorry , i’m not able to help you at the moment please try again in a bit