ComicBook Ipad 2 App Review

My review of Comicbook. A very very cool photography app for idevices Facebook — Google Plus —…

[youtube uMt5-w0YlNI]

ipad 7

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  1. CHCHuser:

    Could you upload pictures form your drawing apps like Sketchbook pro to Comic Book?

  2. 0hmygoodnesss:

    mr phat thanks for showing me the stickers

  3. MrPhatSlim:

    @llllllslerglllllllll Thanks very much :)

  4. llllllslerglllllllll:

    Nice review 🙂
    I think I’ll go and buy this on itunes now.

  5. MrPhatSlim:

    Thanks so much, oh thats great i never knew that. Thanks 🙂

  6. 3DTOPO:

    Thanks for the awesome review MrPhatSlim!

    Not sure if you realize this, but you can also tap on a sticker to bring up rotation and scale controls.

  7. MrPhatSlim:

    Hmmmm!! Now thats an idea lol! 🙂

  8. DaveyLoosesWeight:

    dude, everytime i see and hear your new intro i just want you to do a video of yourself raving to it, lol !!