Poetic CoverMate for iPad Mini Review

Website Link- http://goo.gl/yTjFU Amazon Link- http://goo.gl/4j7PG In this video I review the Poetic Covermate for the iPad Mini. The Covermate is only .99…

[youtube qn48_OtYtls]

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  1. alyahay:

    it look cool. thx man

  2. GadgetGuruHD:

    Thanks Brad!

  3. GadgetGuruHD:

    Thanks Connor!

  4. GadgetGuruHD:

    No, I don’t think so.

  5. ProRayGamer34:

    R u gonna jailbreak?

  6. 2000hampden:


  7. MyConnor5:

    Nice review!

  8. TXBradS:

    Very nice looking case! Great job!

  9. GadgetGuruHD:

    I haven’t had any issues with overheating and these cases.

  10. GadgetGuruHD:

    I didn’t notice the non retina display until I purchased my Nexus 4. The Nexus 4’s screen made the iPad Mini’s screen look pretty bad. It’s fine if you don’t like Android; I’m not going to bash you for getting an iPad Mini. (:


    I know Nexus 7 is WAY cheaper but I HATE ANDROID. I bought a android proclaim on straight talk once and returned it the next day and bought a ipod touch 5th gen back right away. I love the ease of ios 6 compared to the confusing android. Its like I have to fully baby sit its complete OS. Apples is way less stressful. So if I have to pay more for a user friendly os then mini is for me. Hows your mini? Does retina really matter its missing on it? I hear it has awesome battery life without it.