Moshi Concerti iPad 2 Case Review

Moshi Concerti iPad 2 case The Moshi Concerti is a silicone and microfiber hybrid case especially built for the iPad 2. The case a…

[youtube Hy_10AlRAMY]

ipad 5

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  1. darrsh0:

    Amazing view

  2. skater423:

    yea that pisses me off too

  3. unr1:

    4:26 — asking to zoom into the iPad camera. Fail.

  4. Heartnet1108:

    Can you review the latest Concerti from moshi for the new iPad please? I am eager to see if the sleep and wake feature works on it or not. Thanks a lot

  5. alexanderlagergren:

    He sounds like mayor Quimby… «And, err..»

  6. Josh Arma:

    why is it like backwards?

  7. feduo45465:

    Does anyone knows if this case has magnets that switch the iPad 2 off?

  8. feshi868:

    lovely review video video!!

    @joshuacollen and for those below who are still looking for an iPad 2 for Free, simply google for:

    I’m typing using my iPad 2 right now 😉

  9. jeffgard:

    Are you still happy with your color choice? I was thinking about getting the Purple one as well…

    Have you ever tried the Elsse Leather case?

  10. kpxflameboy:


  11. Racel Kristoffer Esperanzate:

    ive installed a invisible shield by zagg, is it recommended to use this cause the one who install the shield advised not to use cover that fir too much.. thanks!

  12. minipcpro:

    hehe, yeah i know 😀

  13. Christoph Köhler:

    ich like it! 😀

  14. GelberFisch8:

    «let´s get rid of this bullshit»
    so true 🙂

  15. clays121:

    Manly purple FTW!! LOL!!