DIY iPhone 4 Steadicam

Here’s a little instructional vid I did to show you how to make a steadicam for your iPhone (it also works great for small camcorders). Be sure to check out …

[youtube MKxMuwq22sM]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Michael Marquardt:

    Where would you hold the steadicam without the maverick handle?

  2. Darryl Moore:

    Hello. Does the rod have to be that long? How many washers must I use? When I cut the PVC, what are the measurements for the cuts?

  3. GamingMonkey4:

    couldnt u make the bottom a little smaller

  4. gvidguy:

    0:20 he farted

  5. psychobo1:

    Hey I finished building the gimbal from this video, but was wondering what size or what kind of rod you used and how you fit it onto the bearing and also the bottom weight metal plate?

  6. Kraig Debro:


  7. Kraig Debro:


  8. Greg McIver:

    Thanks for the excellence!

  9. marco22560:

    Your cat, although out of focus, looks like a Ragdoll.

  10. TheGizmoDork:

    Iphone steadycam seekers, a group on Kickstarter has an early bird special for the first 250 people to sign up for their new $33 Stabil-i iphone steady cam iphone case. This thing is the most portable steady cam design I have ever seen, as well as the cheapest. It is actually an iphone case that unfolds into a true steady cam. Look up «Stabil-i» on Kickstarter or on google for the details…

  11. CumulusSkies:

    Did you post another demo video? I couldn’t find one.
    Thanks for sharing this with us. You’re design is quite clever. Now if my husband will help me build it… ; )

  12. Anthony Vaccaro:

    i dont understand the threading portion

  13. winnonah:

    How be you present your contraption to «Dragon’s Den». 

  14. al1080p:

    Been looking for this video for a week. I saw it about a year a go and I wanted to show someone the quailty of the 5d mk ii. and of course the production

  15. vikibad1900:

    yay for portability. Ill just get a real camera.

  16. anantosh bhardwaj:

    hi its very nice design , please tell me size of bearing inner and outer ?

  17. xM4MBAZz:

    OMG are you fucking kidding me? You sir suck

  18. joeishot1231:

    Thanks !!

  19. Patrik Kyseľ:

    good job bro

  20. iamyourfuture808:

    wheres the link to steady footage demo please 🙂