Learn to DJ with Traktor & iPad

Hey what’s up guys, Just wanted to put together a quick demo of the set-up I’ve been using out at the clubs lately for my shows. This video will explain how …

[youtube s1bM6FeAR1o]

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  1. Joey Xhofleer:

    Hey Tim, great video, I’ve tried using the audio 6 from traktor, just had a massive hissy fit with srtting up with different cdj’s , any tips on where to look for that?

  2. EmoViolin:

    so right on that, this track is amazing Hey you can use this to get this in mp3 —> bit.ly/125wTee?=frjsr

  3. Tim Penner:

    Oh believe me, I’ve paid my dues learning on vinyl. I come from a land before mp3s and iPods 😉

  4. Tim Penner:

    If I use Traktor these days, I still use timecode CDs. I like the feel of a CDJ in my hands. I also recently purchased an Allen & Heath K2 for control. Fantastic little unit.

  5. Kayden Selwyn:

    Track ID at the end of this amazing video?

  6. Lophelpz:

    Great video man!

  7. Fahad Almusallam:

    hey bro amazing job and a way of thinking love it !!!! are you still using time code did you try just hoking up hte cdj with fire wire

  8. RebelstarReviews:

    Haha brilliant video Tim. Beats learning with belt driven turntables like I and many others had to!

  9. DJ Kittrell:

    Nice video bro..How much memory does your mac mini have?

  10. sophisticatedgeniuz:

    So is the main point of this video is replacing the laptop with Ipad?

  11. Tim Penner:

    LOL Thanks for the heads up… but I’m not German…