Remove Restrictions From iPhone or iPod Touch WITHOUT JAILBREAK

Video that explains how to recover a restriction passcode on Apple devices. (iPhone, iPod Touch, etc.). You do not need to jailbreak and it is all free. You …

[youtube pVs8ndEWCvw]

ipod 5

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комментария 23

  1. thepoisonbird:

    It doesn’t I tried already tried it with 6.1.3

  2. isa ali:

    i have done everything and it works but it says the password is key countryCode

  3. filopride30:

    i dont have sb thing on mine

  4. Melon Craft:

    is says that there was a connection error when downloading…..

  5. magicmandan1998:

    when i select the iphone it wont let me press ok!! plyz help


  6. youpeach007:

    Hi, I have Iphone5 version 6.1.2 and mine says the same as everyone elses. says blocked after the SBParent part… you said check an older back up but how do i do that. when downloading your backupextractor it did mention that only 2 parts were uploaded due to the fact that i have not registered. if i register will i get the full back up and go back further to see what the original correct pin was? Thanks alot, Appreciate your help, Thanks Tony

  7. DatabaseGamer:

    Is it ios 6.1.3 and windows 8 for the program?

  8. Guy RasenAnime:

    i don’t see the sbparental thingy

  9. Phillip Bothma:

    instead of the pin

  10. Phillip Bothma:

    Why does it say country code for me?

  11. Glow Stone:

    Guy try to put ur phones on lower IOS
    Like 4 and 5

  12. StormingShadowHawk:

    Thank u so much

  13. denise martinez:

    Does this work on iOS 6.1.3?

  14. Elvis Antillon:

    mine sort of worked, i just cant find the number, im using ios 6.1.2

  15. SourPatchSpace:


  16. Mandeep Chase:

    i have the same problem

  17. CrippleOG:

    does it work w ios6.1.3 or not Please help

  18. Richard Hamlin:

    Same here, can anyone suggest an editor that opens the plist properly?

  19. Bfheroesstinkyshoe:

    Fucking Works Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Kevin Tao:

    Everything is done correctly except I cannot find the line containing the PIN after this line :

  21. WhySoSeriousMM:

    thank u

  22. awisehamster915:

    It doesn’t work unless it has already been paired with the same computer

  23. MaKayla Thomnpson:

    with that program you have to pay to register?