How to Repair an iPod Nano 4th Generation

A guide on disassembling the iPod Nano 4th Generation. Visit for more repair guides.

[youtube zh3kPGzawNk]

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  1. Sam Canestri:

    This video is bs man, that whole simply push on the bottom of the glass and the top will pop out. Just spent an hour and it still hasnt budged

  2. PowerbookMedic:

    Replace the logic board or buy a new iPod. Replacement logic boards are available from our website or by calling us at 866-726-3342, option 1.

  3. Alisha Huggins:

    I have a blank white screen when I turn mine on and it makes two beeping noises. How do I fix that?

  4. Jack Daly:

    My iPod nano 4th gen stopped working a few months ago. The screen just went completely white and it ceased to work anymore. I brought it to a repair shop and they said ‘they don’t do iPod nano 4th gen repairs’. I heard of people buying replacement parts on the internet and fixing their iPod themselves.. Do you know what is wrong with my iPod and how it can be fixed? Or would it be better to just replace it? I’m a reluctant to buy a new one as it is expensive and I’d like to try repair it if poss

  5. jasmiebcb:

    I will rather take it to a store

  6. PowerbookMedic:


  7. Klocksby:

    Can I change the flash memory to a bigger one?

  8. sdarahi33:

    will it cost me money and if so around how much?

  9. PowerbookMedic:

    You likely need to replace your battery. Replacements are available from our online store or by calling us at 866-726-3342, option 1.

  10. sdarahi33:

    mine dosent turn on unless i plug it in but it wont charge what is the problem and what should i do

  11. sdarahi33:

    mine dosent turn on but it only does when i plug it in but it dosent charge what it the problem and how do fix it please repLY??????????????????????

  12. wrathoffufuke:

    4:45 You can gently slide it out.
    *pauses video to do so*
    *something rips*
    *plays video*
    But don’t slide it out too far cause…
    fml. Oh well shit was broken to begin with.

  13. Chris Rivera:

    lol «simply» press on the glass. This is the part I’m having trouble with. The ipod is gone so I’m not actually worried about breaking things or marking up the metal, but it’s still quite frustrating.

  14. oosillymooo:

    how come theres no reassemble video? one would be helpful. Thanks.

  15. Alejandro Vash:

    Excelente, el mejor tutorial que vi.