10 Inspiring Steve Jobs Quotes — R.I.P.

We pay tribute to Steve Jobs with 10 of his inspiring quotes. R.I.P. Where else to find All Time 10s… Facebook: http://ow.ly/3FNFR Twitter: http://ow.ly/3F…

[youtube FahSoMJRXd0]

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комментария 24

  1. Amir Hajdarevic:

    You don’t want to know…

  2. PeTrioBoy:

    whos Justin Bieber again

  3. yuxiang1911:

    Steve was a Buddhist -.- and haters of Steve… Why do you hate him? He is a very talented inventor and markets his products better than most companies I know. Smart businessman right there. You say his products are overpriced…. But have you guys actually asked yourselves why people STILL buy it? Btw. I’m a current user of both samsung, Sony and apple products. Don’t think that I’m an apple fanboy. Just a guy who respects this gentleman.

  4. stoatythesecond888:

    God probably doesn’t want him any more than we do.

  5. tushitshar:

    @kmica2008 you should know world wide web as we called it an Internet was Invented on Next Operating system which was invented by Steve Jobs and his Gang… Now Apple using technology in its OS was invented by Next… Read Biography Of Steve jobs or watch videos on internet before you say something…….

  6. Spock Young:

    Steve Jobs was an atheist…

  7. TheKalluto:

    God:I like a man that revolutionised technology more than a gay singer!

  8. kmica2008:

    how can you not hate the man? the guy was a psycho and a massive manipulator of people. that’s why now has a cult-like following. you’re his bitch and you do exactly what any one of those charlie manson bitches did for him. you’re nuts. who cares about his success when he’s a bastard? the whole internet runs on linux, not apple os or windows, you dumb cunt.

  9. thecommonerror:

    I actually use MY TOASTER to make MONEY and it doesn’t steal your INFO! (PS I was JOKING about the toaster part. I used it to prove a point.)

  10. binman133:

    Um…not really….name one piece of hardware innovation Apple made after Wozniak left.

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  12. paulins2012:

    Im a PC guy and i dont insult Apple users because I dont care what bad things Steve Jobs did and did not. Steve was a great man who made the world a better place. RIP Steve Jobs 1955-2011.

  13. Wouter de Roos:

    So… Ur a P.C. guy, WHO CARES, i pity you because you cant just like P.C. without insulting Apple users.

  14. Kevin Fernandez:

    Steve Jobs is such a BOSS, sucks he died

  15. lronSausage:

    The thing is, he really did say that in an interview, and theres nothing wrong with that, nor does he see anything wrong with that either and openly admits it. The full quote was: «good businesses copy ideas, great businesses steal ideas, and we have always been shameless about stealing ideas» something along the lines of that. That’s how you make great consumer products bro, don’t take everything offensively.

  16. brostepisthebest:

    the only one that inspired me was the last one but it was a good one. its not the money that’s the best thing. it is that he left a huge mark on history and did «a good job»

  17. brostepisthebest:

    you are saying Steve said that, lol the 8 twats that thumbed you up you messed up your sentence trying to be funny

  18. notoriousjattz:

    no we dont know wat the f*ck microsoft made 4 years ago..but half the world knows wat a ipad is….

  19. FunBoxRS:

    you forgot to add «and i didn’t do anything, i just presented everything as if i made it myself»

    you realize that microsoft made the tablet pc 4 years before the first ipad right?

  20. topinternetservice:

    I actually use MONEPA.COM to make money from home and its been? working for me so far. I really recommend them.

  21. plazasta:

    did u know that Steve Jobs’ salary was $1 a year?

  22. jhon tanner:

    please kill yourself before it gets worse

  23. Pompoms56:

    He has been able to achieve more in a month than you probably will in your entire lifetime. I can see this because you hate one of the most successful men who has ever lived on this earth. Thanks for your time.

  24. Tyler Guerrero:

    Why would he trade something so great for something so terrible?