Review: Speck iPad Mini Candyshell Grip Case

In this video I discuss what I like about the Speck iPad Mini Candyshell Grip Case.

[youtube I4VHvEIHvbQ]

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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комментария 3

  1. Jesse Dahlberg:

    Great case could come with screen protector

  2. joevideowatcher:

    A bit repetitive with the «No features, no cover, better handling vs featured cases» reiterations. Called it «good» and «fantastic» too many times without much compelling reasoning. Could have benefited from some up close shots.

  3. eagleglen:

    Good review! Much more informative than those that spend so much time showing the cut outs, which by now are a given. I’m also torn between a folio type case and the simplicity of just a shell like this. I have the grip on my iPhone and think its fantastic.