3 iPod Touch Giveaway!

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[youtube Z5l3HPyovec]

ipod 5

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  1. Леонид Кудрявцев:


  2. lee smith:

    Good video 

  3. Zeroxxfigs14:

    Cool ur lucket

  4. walker chan:

    I like your vision
    Because I like ipod touch too

  5. matu86400:


  6. Sushama Santosh Nair:

    @aAndeErson awesome buddy! I finally got my iPod Touch For Free too. The sound quality seems awesome !works amazing too!

    @sayt00n22 ye, I think they are still offering promotional iPod Touch For Free, simply google for: iPodTouchGiveaway.info

  7. luvnickjonas16:

    @LarysonTo8ght, and for those below who are looking for an iPod Touch for Free, simply go to: iPodTouchGiveaway.info @JaySonIAm Just Got my iPod Touch today

  8. yero love:


  9. kaylerkaykay:

    not a lie realy

  10. kaylerkaykay:

    I rilly need one because my bro destroyed my gfs iPod and she is rilly pissed and is telling me if I don’t get her one she will break up with me and do other stuff to me and I don’t got any money right now and
    It illy need your help bro

  11. Christopher Bookmyer:

    Could I have one

  12. awesome79person:

    i want one

  13. hunter vinzant:

    please mail them to me adress 8480

  14. Lester Parada:

    Your welcome

  15. Bireverything1000:

    A small wall of boxs

  16. ethdbdgbfsgt:

    yo yo yo i want this