I HATE Shopping!!1! iPhone 3.0 is Out too!!! (6.17.09 — Day 48)14 комментариев


such a crappy rainy day in florida, plus going to go shopping to get a swim suite for the cruise tomorrow! More Super Duper Stuff: http://facebook.com/charle…

iphone 6

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  1. Shailyn Dee

    don’t get me wrong i hate twilight but the baseball scene was necessary because the wind from the storm made bella’s sent go to the baddies and led to the whole i wanna eat the human chick part, they wouldn’t be outside in a storm unless they had a reason, the producers of twilight came up with baseball.

  2. Jason Peasley


  3. Kayla McDonald

    Empyre pants were the better ones

  4. icjburke

    What is Jeff watching at around 6:15?

  5. nookster69

    The book is way better. I hate the movies.

  6. Colton Tabbert

    go charles!!! twili suggestion

  7. Emma Epps

    Xbox 360

  8. rexy gomez


  9. Nick James

    spoiler alert: you keep those shorts for next 3 years of vlogging

  10. Kyle Aug

    ahh I remember when I’d actually go out & rent things! & I really want to make that pizza that you guys always do it looks really good!

  11. blakeiscool11

    Lol. Blockbuster.

  12. tjgurl222

    I will posses your heart <3

  13. Daryl Field

    wow he cussed a lot more back in these days

  14. Alisha Cocofilpish


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