Paradise Island Exotic. iPhone

Мечтаешь о собственном бизнесе? С завистью смотришь на хозяев жизни, у которых есть всё, даже остров в тёплом океане? Просто желаешь расслабиться и получить удов…

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  1. foxtam12:

    foxtam12 add me

  2. ParkourDanGB:

    Add me: DeeBone

  3. XgAmEr1996:

    Add me maxi1899

  4. arman010507:

    Почему  все кометы английские(

  5. Aslan6u3oH124:

    eee 561 ring

  6. Sk8terboy180:

    All the letters are just in russian ya thx alot u really helped

  7. stefthechiler:

    Thx allot dude

  8. barajeg:

    Welcome to Paradise Island:
    -battery killer
    -Dont get half the stuff you see in the pic (buildings, monuments..)
    -game is way too slow, doesnt flow,
    -lame you have to purchase game money to get ahead in game.

    GO AHEAD and download this game if you have about a year to kill

  9. ako2lolz01:

    do you have cheats in that game?
    i notice your gold is to much for your level…
    nice game…

  10. MrRafid1:

    really nice iam only lvl 9 ^^